How We Work

City Scale facilitates learning, bridging, and alignment to support a new paradigm for local climate action.

We are engaging within and beyond our circle of known partners to understand, learn from, and bridge across a diversity of stakeholders and perspectives.

Climate change is the ultimate complex problem, spilling across every major issue facing communities and society. Yet people tackling climate have been highly siloed – by sector, issue, profession, geography…and beyond. Over and over again, we hear a similar question: How can we work together, across boundaries?


What We Believe

We believe that solutions tend to lie closest to the problems and that community-led efforts are critical to conceiving, creating and sustaining change. Supporting community leadership and local capacity building is essential.

We believe that climate justice and racial justice are inextricably linked. As a white-led initiative, we are listening and learning about how to center racial equity and justice in climate work.

We believe that local government, as the level of government closest to people and place, has a critical role to play in addressing the interconnected, systemic challenges and structural inequities at the root of the climate crisis. We recognize the long history and persistent power dynamics that exist between communities and government.

We believe that solving complex problems requires engaging as many perspectives as possible. Bridging across boundaries and differences is essential to effectively diagnose problems and generate solutions.

Our Vision

is for climate solutions to be broadly defined and deeply connected to community values and priorities, with inclusive and transparent governance models in place to support and sustain deep changes, ensuring that every community participates in and benefits from progress on climate.

Our Purpose

is to deepen a shared understanding of the current state of practice.

Our Goal

is to advance collective learning in order to co-create new approaches to integrated climate work at the local and regional scales.

Our Theory

IF we can break out of silos and work across boundaries THEN an ecosystem of allied efforts will generate more effective climate action.

What Our Partners Are Saying