The State of Local Climate Planning

The context around local climate action is changing, the opportunity is changing, and the need is changing. Is local climate planning keeping up?

The State of U.S. Local Climate Action Planning is the collaborative reflection of a group of local climate practitioners. Through a series of conversations in 2019, we came to a shared recognition that local climate action planning had reached an inflection point.

Over the last 18 months, we have heard increasing awareness and discussion around many of the observations, but we have seen only fragments of these sentiments in action and in writing. In the spirit of collective learning, we share this statement as an expression of the state of the local government climate field in 2019, and we welcome dialogue about what no longer resonates and what may be more true than ever.

Contributors to this statement include:

  • Michael Armstrong, City Scale
  • Derik Broekhoff, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Katherine Gajewski, City Scale
  • Miya Kitahara, StopWaste
  • Michael McCormick, Farallon Strategies
  • Sarah McKinstry-Wu, Urban Sustainability Directors Network
  • Ariella Maron, City Scale
  • Hoi-Fei Mok, PhD, climate equity specialist
  • Tracy Morgenstern, Urban Sustainability Directors Network
  • Michael Steinhoff, Kim Lundgren Associates
  • Brian Swett, formerly City of Boston


Check out the full report here: The State of Local Climate Planning – PDF


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