This is a change moment.

In nearly every conversation we have, we hear a similar theme: a need to figure out how to evolve climate work, break down silos, and work across boundaries. We all share a hunger for new models that broaden, deepen, and scale up work on climate, which interconnects with every major issue facing communities.

City Scale explores and expands the roles that local government can play on climate change.

We take a step back and make sense of a bigger picture in order to think expansively about what is possible, contribute to new insights, and identify breakthrough opportunities.

After two decades of local government climate efforts, what have we learned? What is emerging? What might the next generation of city climate work look like?

At the local level, we are seeing

Zooming out, we see:

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A 2018 Philly Spring Cleanup event in West Philadelphia
Photo Credit: Jen Strickland